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NB: Due to exceptional sales this year, good quality boats wanted for brokerage. All craft vetted and assessed by myself.

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Succes 145
Succes 145 Even longer Starting in 2009, the fourth ship in the series, the Succes 145, was restyled.

Succes 135
Succes 135 Form and lines The distinctive form, lines and function of Succes Yachts are also visible in this Succes 135. Starting in 2009, the fourth model in the series of Succes Yachts was restyled. The restyling was carried through to the lineation. The interior was also completely renovated and modernised. An updated classic.

Succes 125
Succes 125 Spacious and easy The Succes 125 is fitted with wide gangways and an enormous afterdeck, with an integrated aft couch. A popular option is the extended swimming platform, making it easier to climb aboard. Down to the details The Succes 125 also has lots of interesting details. From the water, note the designer bollards on stainless steel plating (screwed onto the hull) and the stainless steel buffer strip on the side.

Succes 115
Elegant The Succes 115 radiates elegance and class with her length and stylish design and perfectly harmonised proportions. The ship was completely restyled in 2008; the biggest changes concern the rounded forms on the exterior and the new, modern escutcheon. The interior of this Succes also underwent a thorough makeover. The customer has a say This ship has huge potential, both with regard to the interior and the technology and with regard to customer wishes. On the Succes 115, customers can fully realise their own personal preferences and ideas.

Succes 108 OC
Open cockpit The Succes 108 OC: the very successful model Succes 108 built with an open cockpit. This version has also proved herself a solid model over the years. At almost 11 metres long and 3.65 metres wide, the ship’s favourable dimensions enable you to take her into almost any harbour. And her superb performance and handling will have even an inexperienced skipper feeling at home on the ship in no time. The design This ship, like all Succes Yachts, has modern lines and a contemporary feel; the Succes 108 OC was completely restyled as recently as 2007. Rounder lines were added to the exterior and the interior underwent a total makeover. And that means luxurious enjoyment.

Succes 108
The Succes Over the years, the Succes 108 has proved herself to be a solid model. Hundreds of this model can be found sailing in the Netherlands and beyond. At nearly 11 metres long and 3.65 metres wide, the ship’s favourable dimensions enable you to take her into almost any harbour. And her superb performance and handling will have even an inexperienced skipper feeling at home on the ship in no time. The design Like all Succes Yachts, this ship has modern lines and a contemporary feel; the Succes 108 was completely restyled as recently as 2007. Rounder lines were added to the exterior and the interior has been completely refurbished. Enjoy the luxury, on the water, in style.

Succes 106
Extremely good price In the design of the Succes 106 was paid particular attention to the price-performance ratio. On board you will find all you need to be able to maneuver and navigate a vessel of 10.60 m like this. It has been deliberately left out extras to ensure an attractive price. Neverthless, you will find an extremely well-used room design and best material.

Succes GTS
Succes GTS Unrivalled In all her beauty, the Succes GTS complements your personal lifestyle. You design and decorate this designer yacht exactly how you want it. Your water dreams are fulfilled in this Succes GTS. In this case, GTS stands for Grand Tour Sport, as in motor racing. Breathtaking to see. Striking to be seen on it. No traditional ship can compare. Unique form Where angularity has long dominated the waters, Succes GTS has opted for a strikingly modern design: stylishly graceful, curving lines and tastefully matching colours. The beautifully thought-out design complements the secure strength of steel and other durable materials. This ship catches the eye. And that’s no bad thing.

Succes GTS 135
At Jachtbouw2000, our decades of experience with Succes Yachts qualify us to market the best motor yachts on the Dutch and European markets. The designs and finishes are solid, beautifully thought-out and modern. But what really stands out is the excellent price/quality ratio. Even after many enjoyable years on the water, the branded ships from our shipyard retain a good market value.

Vri-Jon Supreme 36
The Vri-Jon Supreme 36' is new, exceptional and innovative. A powerfully built motor cruiser with semi-open wheelhouse. The afterdeck and living space in the cruiser are almost on an equal level. As a result you are not inconvenienced by awkward steps, while you do have the benefit of aft accommodation with two berths. From the outside wheel position you have a clear view of the whole vessel and its near surroundings. The semi-open wheelhouse design means the vessel is ideal for people who prize comfort and comfortable surroundings. A spacious bench can be integrated in the stern guardrail. You are then perfectly sheltered, with loose seats becoming a thing of the past! The vessel is fitted with two 33 hp engines as standard.

Vri - Jon Open Cabin 42
The Open Cockpit series brings Vri-Jon Yachts’ new vision of sailing to life. The large open cockpit that runs directly through into the wheelhouse with its spacious seating area reinforces the contact with the water and the environment. The interior is designed to enable the passenger to experience space and the connection with the outside world. The stylish design is elegant; restrained lines and perfection in the details are the features that make this boat a true yacht. The choices are clear in the Open Cockpit: the top priorities are comfort on board and a true sailing experience. The open layout comes in different variations; all representing the experience of space. Examples include the owner’s cabin, which is set apart from the other cabins, with its loose-standing bed and partition between the shower and the toilet. The luxurious salon with the tightly lined interior radiates a sense of tranquillity and perspective. The absence of any form of elevation draws all the spaces together and creates a completely new experience in onboard living. Because the yacht is built on commission, it is possible for us to take your specific wishes into account in the design phase. A number of optional designs are available; for example, a low window design, smart continuous gangways that converge onto fixed steps leading down to the bathing platform. The Vri-Jon Yachts Open Cockpit is available in lengths of 11.50 to 14.90 metres with a layout and finish to be determined by the buyer. The boat’s profile is kept down with low headroom designed to increase the navigational area.

Vri-Jon Hydro-Craft 46
With the robust Vri-Jon Hydro-Craft 46, shows shipyard Vri-Jon, how ingenuity en creative thinking, can lead to a unique yacht. The Hydro-Craft does not solely exceed in quality and sophisticated technique en thoroughness. Maybe the styling and geography is even more striking. A ship with an outside steering-console of full value and a spacious cockpit is notable as it is. The uncommonly low pass-height of 2,4 meter is unprecedented, yet an exceptional spacious interior, with level floors! The technique aboard of the Hydro-Craft is innovative as well. The Hydro-Craft has a HYPROP propulsion system. This installation is instigated by a Volvo-Penta motor (200 HP) and works via a hydrostatic transmission. The HYPROP-unit is a combination of a propulsion-unit and a rudder

Vri-Jon Contessa 50
A unique ship has been added to the Dutch waters. The Contessa 50RX has been fully designed and manufactured by Vri-Jon Yachts. From the fixed wheelhouse with cozy and comfortable sitting has been a broad look at the salon. The aft deck is through the roof of the large ongoing wheelhouse completely covered. However, a shortened version of the roof is possible or a cabriolet. By default, the paneling made ​​of teak or cherry. The Vri-Jon shipyard is to build the custom carpentry, driving the final ship all your wishes can be delivered.

Vri-Jon Contessa 45
When you see a CONTESSA 45 sparkle in the water, it is easy to forget the engineering and professional skills that are needed producing such a magnificent yacht. It is reassuring that shipyard Vri-Jon controls all these elements in great detail. Producing a super yacht starts with the balanced design made with the most modern CAD-technology. Also during the building period appears the synthesis among craftsmanship and elegance again. Our experts can revert to many years of experience with the production of our sophisticated motoryachts. They ascertain that the design not only looks great, but also is of functional use in everyday life. It's there challenge to integrate the interior with the individual wishes of the customer.

Vri-Jon Contessa 40
The Contessa 40 is with distance the most popular motor yacht from the Vri-Jon shipyard. This is mainly due to the well considered lay-out which enables you to feel quickly at home. There are several lay-out possibilities with one or two sleep cabins. By integrating the wishes of the customer into the ships interior together with the exclusive workmanship the Contessa 40 shows its exquisite charisma. The well shaped hull completes the success of the Contessa 40 that with his sail qualities belongs to the top off his class. The experience of many years and the great craftsmanship reveals itself in the outstanding sail qualities in all weather conditions. Furthermore is the orderly and solid building of a Contessa for many customers an important argument for their decision.

Vri-Jon Contessa 37
Liveability is a important inspiration for the Vri-Jon shipyard. This philosophy was the base of the development of the Contessa 37. This has lead to a yacht that could not have been more universal. The Contessa 37 fulfils the wishes of a complete family as well as the desires for two people. The grounds of this many-sided yacht, reveals in the interior plan that the VRI-JON yards offer. The Contessa 37 can be equipped with a second cabin or with a roundseat in the fore ship. As well in the design as in the technical construction the Vri-Jon yard distinguishes it self with a mixture of experience, quality and workmanship. These professional skills make sure that our perfectly completed interior will be implemented so that it inspires you every day again with its useful advantages.

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