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Mochi Craft Long Range 23


Engine2×MANR6800CRpo­wer800mhp/588kW at2300rpm opt
standard version displacement of the yacht:78.98 t/lbs
Length Overall23.71 m
Length of Hull23.69 m
Waterline Length21.54 m
Max Beam6.57 m
Max Speed13 kn
Depth under propellers1.56 m
Range500 nautical miles
PropulsionSurface drives
Unladen Displacement75.5 t/lbs
Laden Displacement87.2 t/lbs
Fuel tank7800 lt./US gals
Water tank2000 lt./US gals
No. of people on board18
Certification modulesB + F + Aa, RINA S.p.A., Green Yacht
ID: 3250

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